Saturday, January 28, 2012

Punch Needle

Home, 2011
Miniature Punch Needle on weaver's cloth
Private Collection

This punch needle piece was done with 3 strand embroidery floss (DCM). I use a needle with precut gauges that is made by CTR, Inc.. The needle comes with a threader and instructions
(purchased at The Quilted Crow in Boxborough, MA). I use a hand-held gripper frame as it holds the cloth very taut and it doesn't slip.

Deer, 2012
Miniature Punch Needle on weaver's cloth with a woolen cloth mat, 4 1/2" X 4 1/2 "
Private Collection

This piece was done with 3 strand embroidery thread (DCM and Weeks Dye Works). The Weeks embroidery thread is hand over dyed and has beautiful color variations that add interest. I cut the mat from a piece of plaid wool and sewed it to the weavers cloth, sewing as close as possible to the punch needle work.

Sheep Rug

Sheep, 2012
1/4" wool strips on linen
Private Collection

A goal for 2012 is to finish some of my many uncompleted projects. This rug was actually my second rug. I hooked the sheep and then found after completing 1/2 of the background, I didn't have enough brown wool to finish. My option was to undue some of the hooked background, add a mix of other brown wool, and then rehook and finish the background. It was discouraging to have to unhook what I had already completed, so it was rolled up and put in a closet. I decided to finish the rug in December. The swirly white lines in the background were hooked with temporary strips. When the background was complete, I removed the wool and rehooked the swirls (can you believe it?) with a little wider strip. I made sure that I pulled the strips a little higher, so the design would be clear.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Under the Sea

Under the Sea, 2012
Water color pencil, 11.5" X 5"
Here's a second water color pencil piece on watercolor paper. These are Crayola and Prismacolor water color pencils. The scene is imaginary.

Thursday, January 26, 2012


Sunset Marsh, 2012
Crayola water color pencil on paper
Private Collection

This triptych is a first attempt at using water color pencil to do a painting. These are inexpensive Crayola water color pencils on water color paper and the scene is imaginary.