Wednesday, January 21, 2015


December Journal

December 2014

Many of the entries this month were done on pieces of paper and then glued into the journal.  We were traveling to visit family and this gave me flexibility. Several were drawn on brown paper bag because I'm not concerned about their durability. (Art that you want to keep should be done on acid free or archival paper. These papers are more durable and won't yellow. They are more expensive, but worth the investment for serious art works.)  Most drawings were done with Prismacolor colored pencil and Micron pen.  There's one small piece on a watercolor background. I also used gel pens on some illustrations. The poinsettias were cut from used Christmas wrap with additional drawing
The religious pieces are drawn from photos of two icons in Europe and their location is noted on the pages.
Lots of zentangles this month.  Want to learn more about them? Check out this website or simply google "zentangle". 
The sky in the landscape is the pattern left on the side of my glass after drinking Siggi's yogurt.  You never know where you might find inspiration.