Wednesday, September 3, 2014


Pensive, 2014
Watercolor, Farber-Castell pen, tissue, matte medium, Prismacolor colored pencil on Strathmore watercolor paper,
9" x 11"

The background is colored tissue paper adhered with matte medium on a watercolor.  I put it together a while ago and tucked it into the back of my journal.  The portrait is from a photo I took of a woman at an outdoor restaurant.   I felt that her scarf and glasses evoked a kind of feel that would work with the flowered background. 

Rug Hooking Wool Strips

Rug hooking is the pulling of woolen strips through a woven fabric to make a loop. ( Gene Shepherd has a free demonstration video. )  People often ask what the number of a wool strip means, example: a #3.  I found this chart online, and it explains wool strip numbers 3 - 10.  A #2 is 1/16 of an inch wide.  Strips are often cut using a cutter, and there are many different quality cutters. Mine's a used Fraser cutter. It has interchangeable blades so that I can cut different widths of fabric.
People also cut their strips by hand using scissors or a rotary cutter. Some may even tear the strips they use.

Artist Trading Card

Hermit Crab, 2014
Water color, Farber-Castell pen, and Prismacolor colored pencil on Strathmore watercolor paper, 
2 1/2" x 3 1/2"

Seems I had the beach on my mind during the month of August.


August Journal Pages, 2014

Well, here's August.  This is the 4th month I've completed.  On these pages I've used watercolor, Prismacolor colored pencil, colored tissue paper, matte medium, white gouache, a stamp, Koh-I-Nor Tri-Tone colored pencil, and Farber-Castell pens on Strathmore drawing paper.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Celebration XXIV

Inclusion in Celebration XXIV

 I am pleased that the judges included my rug, December Snows, in this year's Celebration magazine. All the rugs selected are works of art and I am fortunate that my work caught the eye of the judges out of the numerous submissions. This is the first time I've had a piece included in the publication, and I'm thrilled. Now.....the challenge is to do it again.
ps. September 8, 2014.  December Snows was entered in the 2014 Sterling Fair and was awarded a first prize blue ribbon and Champion ribbon.