Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Listening In

"'Team' Strategy", 2009
Pastel on Strathmore paper, 11 3/4 " x 14 3/4"

This scene at the Sterling Fair caught my eye. It seems as though the horses were listening in to the farmers' conversation. I took the photo and closely cropped the scene. This painting is part of the farming series.
I worked at developing the center of interest, the area where the viewers eye is drawn. The human figures naturally draw our eye, but this part of the painting also has the eye catching color, the hardest edges, and the greatest contrast. The farmers are framed by the surrounding horses. The difference in size of the farmers and the horses also brings a focus. The center of interest is off center. The background has been changed and simplified.
This pastel painting won a Champion ribbon at the 2009 Sterling Fair.

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