Sunday, May 1, 2011

Cat Rug

Cat Mat, 2010
I've been learning to rug hook over the last 2 years. I inherited my mother-in-law's rug hooking frame and wanted to try this art. I like the idea of making utilitarian objects that can be beautiful and last for generations. I've only recently been putting on a date and my initials, and I'm still working on the "beautiful" part. I've started dyeing my own wool and designing my mats.
I purchased this cat as a kit on line. This small mat was my first hooked rug. It was hooked on a linen backing with #8 strips of wool (1/4" wide). I chose this pattern because we have a gray tiger cat.
I now belong to the Wachusett Mountain ATHA rug hooking chapter. (ATHA stands for The Association of Traditional Hooking Artists.) The ATHA organization offers workshops and publishes a news letter that is printed six times a year.
Our chapter meets once a month and we share ideas that foster learning in this and other fiber arts. The group is made of caring individuals who are very willing to help and teach. I've met some very talented women, and I've already learned a lot from them.
A good introduction to rug hooking is this video by Gene Shepherd on You Tube. or this one by Deanne Fitzpatrick.

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