Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Zentangle Snowflake with Color

Zentangle Snowflake, 2012
Micron Pen on Bristol, 10" x 10"
Derwent Inktense Pencils

This zentangle is colored with Inktense pencils. They are water soluble and the color is more vibrant than watercolor pencil. Some areas I colored and went over the pencil with clear water and a fine brush, and other areas I used the wet brush to take color off the pencil point.

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Marle Mac said...

Hi Karen,
We love your Zentagle Snowflake!
We would really love to use it as inspiration on our header for our new website about Adult Coloring, Doodles and Zentangling.
It will be a platform for Artists to share their work with colorists and a source of reviews, techniques and coloring pages to download and a gallery with inspiration (like your snowflake!)
Please connect with me and I'll send you the proposed design.
We'll obviously credit your work.
Our e-mail is RainbowDoodlers@gmail.com
Looking forward to hearing from you!
Thank you!