Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Onion Skin Dyeing......again

This is the second method of dyeing with onion skins that I've tried.  The first time (post 6/28/13) was using alum as a mordant, making a dye bath with the skins before dyeing, and moving the wool frequently during the dyeing process.  This time I used no mordant.  I layered the wool (soaked in Dawn and water) with dried onion skins in my dye pot.  Each piece of wool had crumpled skins under it and above it.  I layered 6 pieces of Dorr's natural wool and added enough water to just cover the wool.  I let the wool simmer on the burner for 1 hour, occasionally pushing the fabric down into the water.  The pieces were then separated from the onion skins and tossed into my front loading washer for a rinse.   The color result is very different from the wool using the alum mordant.  This wool almost has a "leather" appearance to it. I have a rug with a lion pattern........ this might be perfect....

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