Friday, June 13, 2014


The Internet is such a wonderful source of information and instruction - a lot of it for free. Searching out instruction takes some time, but is rewarding.  Many artists sell tutorials and materials, have TV programs, teach classes, have books, appear on Facebook, and have blogs.  There are bits and pieces one can learn from viewing their trailers and ads.

For example:

Here Billy Showell (from the UK) paints a water color Christmas card in a free tutorial.  In this You Tube video she demonstrates how to paint a water droplet on a leaf. The water droplet lesson is a peak into a 130 minute, 2 DVD set called A-Z of Flower Portraits.

France Papillon (from Belgium), a mixed media artist, offers many ideas for inspiration. Here she shows a journal entry she calls "Wing It". She demonstrates many journaling techniques in her You Tube videos. I love artists who share!

Julie Fei-Fan Balzer is a mixed media artist. She has many videos on You Tube and here are some: Fast Forwarding: House Stamps Art Journal Walk ThroughTrash to Tools; and Stamping into Your Stencil .
Some of these demos show her products and stamps, but the videos can encourage you to use your imagination to create your art using what you have on hand.  Watching other artists work not only teaches me technique, it also inspires me.  After watching a video, my response is pretty  much the same: "That was cool, but what if I did......"

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