Sunday, November 9, 2014

October Journal

October 2014
This month I began with making a background on the two pages with tissue, a printed poem (The Raven by Poe), matte medium, and gesso. For the drawings I used Winsor Newton watercolor, Prismacolor colored pencil, Prismacolor watercolor pencil, white gouache, Koh-I-Nor Tri-Tone colored pencil, washi tape, and Farber-Castell pens on Strathmore drawing paper.  I've found by doing these small art works that I'm learning more about materials and how they technically interact in a multi-media format.  Some are better suited to my use than others.  I found that my beautiful Farber-Castell pens weren't so permanent on my gessoed and matte medium covered pages.....  I thought the gesso would add body and strength to my page.  Gesso is a material spread on the surface of a canvas to prepare it for painting, and it's made of a binder, chalk, and pigment.  I probably should have sealed the page with acrylic paint or used paint pens.

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