Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Art Journaling Live

Art Journaling Live, 2 DVD Set

Just watched these dvds that recorded 4 live sessions conducted by the artists. I borrowed the set through our local library's inter-library loan program.
Pam demonstrated using faces in journals.  
Dina made multiple layers of color and pattern that she brought together at the conclusion of her lesson by masking and simplifying her page.  

Julie demonstrated color use and pattern with paint.
Traci used printmaking techniques with stamps, paper stencils and masks, and mono-print stamping.

All the women stressed that these journal pages were to be fun and therapeutic, the results were not to be finished pieces for hanging.  The pages were used as ways to experiment and practice with materials that could be used on artwork outside the journal pages, or the journal pages could be an end in themselves. The women have a looseness and freedom in their work that I envy, and I work in a more controlled manner bringing my artwork to a finer level of detail.  Working in a journal in this manner might help me "loosen up".

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