Friday, March 25, 2016

Another Stash Shrinking Project

"Tis and Taint"

This is a vintage pattern by Pearl McGown called "Tis and Taint".  I haven't been able to find out the history of the pattern nor have I seen a completed version.  It's been in the stash for a while and is the next endeavor.  The pattern is marked as a Sturbridge Village pattern, and I do know that Pearl McGown sold her pattern business to Sturbridge Village in 1970 and continued to work for them for the next 10 years.  
The pattern will be challenging because of the many trees - How to hook the foliage?  Will the trees be green?  How to manage so much green and make the piece interesting?  How to make each tree an "individual"?  What colors to use for the grass and hills?  How will I do this pattern with the wool colors I have in the stockpile?
Here I've completed the foliage on the first tree.......the delightful task begins.

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