Sunday, March 26, 2017

Lion Progress

Lion by Edyth O'Neill
38" x 47"
This is my redraw of the lion's head for the Lion pattern by Edyth O'Neill (2/20/17).  I'm using a six cut for the face, but I used a 4 cut to hook the eyes.  I started the face by hooking the eyes. Elizabeth Black says "the eyes are the 'soul' of the animal and to give them life they must each have a highlight." (Hooked on the Wild Side, p. 16) The eyes are 3 tones of gold, a dark (not black) pupil and outline, and a white highlight. The darkest gold is at the top of the iris to show the shadow from the eyelid.  The 3 golds are easier to see in the drawing below than in the hooking.  The wools I have used to this point have come from "the stash".

Here's the color plan I did with Prismacolor colored pencils on my pattern for the lion's face. 

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