Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Frog with a Worm

"Frog with a Worm", 2008
Prismacolor colored pencil on Stonehenge paper, 9 1/2" x 8"

This piece is from a photo in a children's nature magazine. It is not my photo and the piece could not be sold as an original work. I publish it on this blog only as an example of my practice and my learning progress. The frog had so much character and the picture was so humorous, I could not help but draw it. I simplified the background in the drawing so the entire focus would be on the frog and his meal.
I began with a very light pencil drawing, then lightened that drawing using a kneaded eraser. The image was created with many light layers of Prismacolor colored pencil in tiny circular strokes. The final bright highlights were done with small dabs of gouache.

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