Sunday, February 22, 2009

Rose-breasted Grosbeak

"Rose-breasted Grosbeak", 2008
Pastel on Strathmore paper, 13" x 9"

As I painted the bird's feathers, my goal was to achieve the most realistic image that I could.
There are many beautiful birds that come to our feeders throughout the year including the colorful male rose-breasted grosbeak and his less distinctive brown and white mate. The grosbeaks summer where we live.
This pastel painting won First Place and Reserve Champion in the 2008 Sterling Fair. This painting was also part of the 2008 Greenways Four Seasons exhibit that toured three towns over a period of months.


Julie Thompson said...

Stunning work! I think what grabs me most is there's such like in his eye - beautifully done!

Karen said...

Thanks so much, Julie.