Sunday, March 16, 2014


Inchie Art
March 2014

An inchie is any piece of art that is 1" by 1", and it can be made in any media. (There are also "Rinchies"- round inchies, "Inchies + - those over an inch, and "Twinchies" - those measuring 2" x 2".)  There are many sites online where you can get "how to" instructions and sites where Inchies can be traded as you would Artist Trading Cards.  
 Often artists create their pieces around a theme, red inchies, seasonal designs, holiday designs, etc.. In the book Inchies, Create Miniature Works of Art Using Textiles and Mixed Media Techniques edited by Peggy Donda-Kobert, the first theme is "completely natural".  This is my version:

I also have some inchies made with fiber:
These are done in wool, thread, and fabric with bead, button, and paint embellishments. ( Until I decide how I'll use these inchies, they are pinned to a piece of foam core.)

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