Saturday, April 19, 2014


Abstract, 2014
Wool strips on linen, 2' x 3'

Recently, I was fortunate to have a rug hooking class with Michele Micarelli.  In trying to find a pattern to work on, I was inspired by her rug, Coral.  I wanted to do a more abstract pattern than I've done previously.  In searching for an idea, I found a photo by Dr. Thomas J. Deerinck on the Nikon Small World website that was colorful and complex.  I sent him an email requesting permission to use the image in a hooked rug, promising to neither sell the rug nor a pattern made from the image. He granted permission. I enlarged the basic forms of the image onto a 2' x 3' linen and dyed most of the wool.  Here is what I have completed of the rug so far.  It gets even brighter!  

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