Sunday, February 8, 2015


January Journal, 2015

January's materials are Micron pen, Prismacolor colored pencil, and gel pens.  (oh, and three Chinese cookie fortunes)
This journal began with my reading No Excuses Art Journaling, Making Time for Creativity by Gina Rossi Armfield in April of 2014 ( April 30th entry).  The first completed month of the journal was in May of 2014, and my goal is to do this for a year - finishing 3 months from now. This has been an interesting way to create a little art every day.  My "journaling" has been mostly in the form of drawings in ink that are then colored. The original goal was to also do a tiny watercolor a week throughout the year, but I've found that falling behind.  My intent is to complete the 52 watercolors before I'm done ( that means I have a "few" left to paint).  These might be my projects for the spring after I finish the journal pages.
Gina has suggested "assignments" to be completed giving the artist some inspiration.  I haven't used these, but I should probably review them. I draw what comes to mind or what I find interesting.
When this project is complete, I may go back to my regular sketch books or do more of a journal in a mixed media format.  I might build the mixed media journal by working on more than one page at a time - making backgrounds - adding stencils - created papers, and such. 

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