Saturday, December 12, 2015


Primitive Dolls

This book is a great resource for the primitive doll creating process.  Barb Moore's dolls are more primitive looking than those in Prims as you can see in this photo of page 10 in Purely Primitive Dolls:

Barb's book takes you through the entire process: choosing fabrics, how to create a pattern, transferring your own pattern to the fabric, cutting and sewing, stuffing, creating a face, grunging, dressing your doll, and types of accessories for the finished product.  
I'm not sure what drives me to like these.  The fact that I like old items with a history (and these dolls look as though they are vintage).....or that the folk art dolls look so forlorn that you want to give them a home.  They would certainly be conversation starters....  Barb Moore writes: "There is something special about creating your own dolls.  That doll will be your own, and it will hold a piece of your heart." (page 4, Purely Primitive Dolls)

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