Monday, April 11, 2016

Pattern Transfer

"Two Pomegranates", Happy DiFranza from DiFranza Designs
6 1/2" X 8 1/2"

Our ATHA Chapter challenges it's members to complete a project to share at our last meeting of the year, the second Friday of June.  This is my pattern choice.  The pattern doesn't have triangles in the border, I added them while trying to decide if I wanted them in my finished version.
To enlarge the pattern I used a grid - a very low tech method.  I divided the DiFranza  pattern into 1/2" squares and on my drawing paper I drew the same number of squares but they are larger,  1 5/8".  Then I drew the image on my paper, focusing on one square at a time, until the entire pattern had been transferred.
Design on paper

To transfer this drawing to my linen for hooking, I traced the design onto red dot pattern tracing cloth.  It's called Kwik Trace by Kwik Sew.  The cloth is 100% translucent, has dots as guide marks, and is made of nylon.  I put the red dot over my drawing, and I traced the design with a brown marker.
Tracing onto the Kwik Trace

I then laid the red dot cloth on my linen and traced the design in a different color marker.  By using a different color I can be sure I've traced the entire pattern.  The marker goes through the Kwik Trace and marks the linen with the design.
Putting the design on linen

Here's my pattern ready to hook.  I've also added a border.
"Two Pomegranates", the finished design on linen
21" X 27"

I'm still working on using the wool I have, so........ on to the search for the right colors.

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