Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Transitional Dyeing

Transitional Wool

There were not enough related colors in my stash to hook the fruit and flowers in the "Two Pomegranates" pattern, so I did some transitional dyeing.  This method is from Gene Shepherd's book, "Prepared to Dye" (pages 176-183).  I began by layering dry wool strips (about 4" wide) across the bottom of a casserole pan, overlapping the pieces by about half. Then more layers were added, being sure not to put the same color wool together.  I chose cranberry, magenta, red, pink, gold, some plaid, and natural fabric. I carefully poured hot water (mixed with Dawn dish detergent) over the wool until it was covered, and heated it on the stove until the colors bled.  Then white vinegar was added to the water and the dye reabsorbed into the wool strips.  The pan was covered and allowed to simmer for an hour....  the wool then went into the washer and dryer.  

The results

We'll see how these look when they're hooked into the pattern.

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