Tuesday, January 27, 2009


When I become interested in a technique or media I search out as much reading material as I can. I subscribe to "Pastel Journal" and "American Artist", and I use my library constantly. Books that are suggested in blogs, on websites, in articles, or by friends I search out in interlibrary loan. I often look the book up first on Amazon and check it out with the "search inside this book" feature to see if it will be of interest and I can learn something new. Then I order it from the library. If I really enjoy the book or feel that I need a copy on hand as a reference, I often buy it in used condition on Amazon. I have never been disappointed by the condition of a book when bought in good used condition. Plus, the price is great!
Some colored pencil books I've read:
Painting Light with Colored Pencil, Cecile Baird
Basic Colored Pencil Techniques, Bet Borgeson
Colored Pencil for the Serious Beginner, Bet Borgeson
Colored Drawing Workshop, Bet Borgeson
Realistic Pet Portraits in Colored Pencil, Anne deMille Flood
Colored Pencil Explorations, Janie Gildow
Colored Pencil Solution Book, Janie Gildow and Barbara Newton
Creating Texture in Colored Pencil, Gary Greene
Creating Radiant Flowers in Colored Pencil, Gary Greene
Creative Colored Pencil Workshop, Carlynne Hershberger
The Complete Guide to Colored Pencil Techniques, Beverly Johnson
Drawing and Painting with Colored Pencil, Kristy Ann Kutch
Colored Pencil Portraits, Step by Step, Ann Kullberg
The Encyclopedia of Colored Pencil Techniques, Judy Martin
The Complete Colored Pencil Book, Bernard Poulin
Masterful Color: Vibrant Colored Pencil Paintings, Layer by Layer, Arlene Steinberg
Colored Pencil for All, Michael Warr

I'm always looking for more....

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