Saturday, April 6, 2013


Swatches for Rose Mat, 2013
Dorr wool, Cushing Dye, Pro Chem Dye

These swatches are intended for a mat by Joan Moshimer, "The One Rose". I couldn't decide what color I wanted the rose blossom to be, so I dyed these 3 sets of swatches. Each set has 8 color variations, though they all don't show in the photo.

The first is Maryanne Lincoln's Basic Red (3/8 teaspoon Pro Chem magenta #338, 1/8 teaspoon Pro Chem #119 yellow, and 1/128 teaspoon Pro Chem #490 blue) over white wool. The middle swatches are Cushing's American Beauty (1/16 teaspoon) over light lavender wool, and the 3rd swatches are Cushing's American Beauty (1/16 teaspoon) over a deep lavender wool.

I used Ruth Davis' quick way of dyeing a swatch, which is good if you don't have to repeat the color exactly.  I cut 12 strips of wool, 3" x 12", and soaked them in hot water with Jet Dry. I heated enough water to cover all the swatches and 1/4 cup of white vinegar in my enameled dye pan. I added my dye formula and mixed it very well.  When the water began boiling I added one piece of wet wool, stirring constantly.  I added another piece of material every 10 seconds, stirring all the time. (Thanks to my husband for timing) After adding all the wool strips, I let the dye bath simmer for 25 minutes, stirring occasionally.  I found that some of the 12 resulting shades were very close, but there were enough choices to get 8 shades for a rose.

Now.... which to hook?   

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