Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Project Progress #2

Klimpt's The Kiss, 2013
Wool strips on linen, 16" x 20"

This is another project I am presently working on.
I attended a three day class in hooking portraits with Sarah Guiliani beginning on March 2nd. I wanted to hook a detail of The Kiss. The Kiss (1907 to 1908 by Gustav Klimpt) was painted in oil and gilded in gold leaf.  The couple are surrounded by the pattern of their robes.

We had copies of our portraits in color and in black and white.  We used the black and white copies to plot the values of the portrait, finding and mapping the highlights and shadows. She, also, asked me to focus on the areas of color when hooking, and this made the correct placement of color much easier for me to see. Sarah instructed us on hooking features and hair. She showed us how loops can be feathered to blend areas (ex: to soften wrinkles). Sarah had recommendations on adding color and highlights to pupils, proper proportion and placement of the features, and the differences in features between men's and women's faces.  These are the first faces I've attempted to hook.
The Kiss


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