Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Project Progress

December Snows, 2013
Wool strips on linen, 24' x 36'

This is a pattern by Joan Moshimer that I've been hooking this winter.  Here's progress to date.  I decided to make this a night winter scene, so I added the moon.  I purposely used high contrast colors in the snow to add interest.  The evergreen is a green and white plaid used as is.  And the clouds on the horizon were hooked using a periwinkle and white plaid used as is. I think the plaid in the sky looks like cirrus clouds. I'm using 3 and 4 cut wool. This is the largest landscape rug I've hooked to date.
I'm working on other projects at the same time; a detail piece of the Klimpt painting "The Kiss" (I'll post a progress picture on this, too), a single rose (I'm dyeing the wool for this), and a Jane McGown Flynn pattern called "Humble Beginnings".

The Humble Beginnings rug is in an article on Peggy Hannum's website ( you have to scroll about half way down the article) and in her photo gallery.  Peggy calls the pattern a "delightful little 'primitive' ".  She says the pattern, hooked in a 4 cut, is good for a beginner and satisfying for a more experienced hooker. She lists a color plan and dye formulas for the rug.......this is my challenge.  I've collected the dye books, Dotti Ebi's Scraps or Spots, Edna Fleming's One Hundred & One Formulas for Casserole Dyeing, Jane Elliot's Color Flow 1 and 2, and Connie Charleson's Connie's Cauldren that Peggy uses in her suggested color plan. Yesterday, I ordered the wool I need. We'll see.......

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