Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Beach Ladies

Beach Ladies
This is the fourth and final design in the ATHA year end challenge. This pattern was the most playful.  Carol and Deb transformed their hooked mat into pillows.  Carol (top pillow) added ribbon  bows to the sun hats.

Jane's hooked mat is at the top.  Peggy's choice was to use the design on a coaster.

Teomi used raffia to hook the ladies' hats on her mat (top). Raffia is a perfect fiber to use for a straw hat. She has just a bit to finish.  Judy D. is trying out a variety of fibers that she will use to complete her mat. In addition to raffia on the hats, she's using stockings to hook their tanned skin, terry cloth strips to hook the blanket, fabric strips for the suits, and plastic bag strips for the sea.  
The year end challenge was a way to highlight the creativity of members of our group, and everyone's piece reflects their individuality.  I always learn something from the work of others. I appreciate all those who chose to participate. I'm looking forward to taking part in more group challenges. 

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