Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The Color Conundrum

Color is such a motivator.  Many times the colors in a scene or a picture motivate my creative juices. Some people seem to have an innate ability to combine colors to create a pleasing composition, but many struggle with their selections.  I love color theory, with it's split-complementary, triadic, and other such color combinations, but I've found an uncomplicated approach to color choice. Visual Coloring by Joen Wolfrom is written for quilters, but it's simplified method of color choice could be applied to any fiber arts (including rug hooking).

Her method includes first finding what colors you prefer. (I love chartreuse, violet, blue, orange....) You then select a picture or pictures whose colors inspire you.  You match your fabric (or fiber) to the colors in the image. She suggests you even take your image with you to the store to help you with your fabric choice.
For example:                                                                    

Here she chose the hydrangea photo, pulled the fabric in those colors, and the quilt was created.
The above was just one of the examples shown in her book and her information is more detailed. It was well worth reading.

 (Visual Coloring, A Foolproof Approach to Color-Rich Quilts, Joen Wolfrom, C7T Publishing, Inc., 2007, pages 26 & 27)

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