Saturday, October 29, 2016

Moved to Rug Warp

Using red dot tracing material I transferred my new design to rug warp backing.  The lines of dots allowed me to be sure my pattern was straight on the foundation.  I placed the transparent red dot over my drawing on paper and traced the design in red Sharpie.

I moved the red dot material (with the pattern in red) to the top of my rug warp.  Then I traced the pattern again, but this time in black Sharpie.  This lets me know that I have traced all the motifs onto the foundation.

This is the first time I've used the 100% cotton rug warp backing for a rug.  Rug warp is much heavier than the linen I've used before, but an experiment was done that showed it is less susceptible to abrasion.  It costs less than linen, but more than Monk's cloth.  The rug warp is woven with single strands of tightly twisted cotton warp that look like string, and it's softer and less scratchy.  We'll see how I like this foundation as I move along.

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