Saturday, October 1, 2016


Color Choice

In a recent discussion of how to select colors for a rug, I suggested that finding a fabric you like can help.  "You can choose colors that please you by looking at fabric.  If the colors in the material speak to you, then most likely, you will like the outcome of your rug using that palette.  Some fabrics have circles of the color used to dye the material on the selvage edge making color choice easier." Sometimes, it's hard to distinguish one color from another when it is inside the fabric pattern, so the selvage markings are like paint swatches or chips.

Another suggestion from the discussion was the online Palette Generator.  It creates a color palette based on the predominant colors in an image.  This color palette could be used for many art or design needs.

These are the colors produced from this piece of Waverly fabric.  The sliding scale let's you choose from the dominant 2 colors to the dominant 10 colors.  You just drag and drop your file into the box and the program produces the extracted colors and the percentage of that color in the sample.

This is the palette produced from a flower photo.  This program could be another tool for me to use in color choice.

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